Sunday, January 24, 2010

What can we gain through collaboration?

Teacher collaboration for most professional teachers is not a norm. In many schools teachers know each other as colleagues by name and have little teacher-to-teacher interaction. They work on their own, prepare lessons on their own, solve instructional and classroom management problems on their own and on occasion seek the help of their administration and colleagues. It is through collaboration within schools and through other resources such as online networking sites that teachers can learn to improve their own teaching skills and learn new ways to incorporate technology into their lesson plans to improve student learning. I believe many teachers have developed a stagnant form of teaching in which year after year they use the same lesson plans and never change them. In order to become a better teacher and educator a teacher must evolve with the times and their lessons must evolve as well. Collaboration is the key for teachers to learn how to incorporate and utilize technology successfully into their classrooms.

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  1. While I cannot speak for all teachers, I can tell you that the teachers in my building collaborate every day. While the instruction that occurs in our classrooms takes place with one teacher, the work that goes into unit and lesson development is largely a team effort. If teachers aren't working with other people, they are most certainly utilizing resources online that others have developed and refined. Effective teaching requires lifelong learning, and our peers are often our greatest resources.