Monday, February 1, 2010

Ignite Software

Ignite is an online learning software that can be utilized by teachers to supplement their instruction. There is a 30 day free trial but a license to use it must be purchased by the school if its use will continue. I actually researched this software in my Research Methods course and after looking at studies that including action research of this program it is highly rated in its ability to improve student grades in courses that are content-based such as social studies and science. It can also be used in math classes.
The following are the Ignite Software's goals:
-Accommodate diverse learning styles
-Challenge students to learn by doing
-Help students learn in context by unifying big-picture ideas
-Help students recognize relevance of material to their daily lives
-Challenge students to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways
After trying out the software, I realized it is a great tool for both the teacher and the students. Teachers can utilize lesson plans and assessments from the program and students have the ability to be more hands on with the material through interactive games, music and videos. The range of material available through this program is quite extensive and is available in an easy to use program. Students can quickly become engaged in the variety of activities available learn the content of their courses in a way that they can relate to much more than lecture. Through a range of activities they can be challenged to think through doing in a form of learning many of them are more accustomed to.

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