Saturday, February 6, 2010

Implementation of Technology

I am personally going to take this blog into a completely opposite direction than I expected I would and play devil's advocate.

I would have to say I have learned about many great tools that could be useful within many different classrooms. Glogster and googledocs are two of my favorites and the research I have done on the Ignite Software I found while doing article critiques for my research methods course is something I believe I will try and utilize in my own classroom dependant on cost. I am however finding myself drifting as we learn many of the things I grew up doing and have often utilized on a daily basis, for years.

I personally came from a school of block scheduling and the use of technology is easily implemented into the lengthy courses. In a 45 minute class how simple or difficult would it be to utilize your instructional time wisely and maximiz the use of technology? As a teacher would you become dependant on the utilization of the computer lab? In a low budget school with minimum access to technology, how would one implement and utilize technology to their advantage or would the teacher be bound by budget restrictions? What ways could a teacher easily work around these budget restrictions? I would love to learn different ways to utilize some of these items and work them into lesson plans based on the content areas we are teaching.

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  1. I agree that so much of a teacher's ability to integrate technology is dependent upon the school district's budget. In these tight budgetary times when teacher's are dealing with higher classroom numbers, less materials, how do we provide equal access with one computer and no/limited connections? Will we end up with the haves and have nots?